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Map of MLB Player Names and IDs (last update: 200111)      CSV      TXT

The update is run every day during the season with the occasional exception.  Notification sent via Twitter only if new players have been added.

MLB does not update the team affiliation of players who change organizations while in the minors until they appear (or reappear) in the majors.
Even if I make the correction,
the team is overwritten to whatever MLB lists when the update is run.  Unless this is a big problem, there are no plans to change how this is done at this time.
The only way I can correct this on the fly is to visit each player page individually when I do the updates, and I am not going to do that as it creates far too much unnecessary traffic to MLB.


This map does take some time to set up and to maintain.

If you find that this map saves you time and effort, please consider making a contribution
 towards my hosting costs.  You can find the link on my homepage.


Criteria for inclusion:

1) Had a plate appearance or threw a pitch in one of the last three major league seasons
or, 2) Appear on MLB's current active lists
and, 3) not obviously retired
4) for handedness (ie. 'bats' and 'throws'), players must appear on a 40-man roster at some point.


190306: Lahman IDs added for those players who debuted in 2018.
180309: Lahman IDs added for those players who debuted in 2017.
180210: Rotowire IDs added.
171218: Retrosheet IDs added for players who debuted in 2017
171216: New players from MLB added ... 127 total
170619: I've restored a version from last week and I think it's all good. Any new players will not have their Fangraphs IDs updated for a bit.
170607: Fangraphs positions added. Active players currently on DL won't have position listed for a few days.
170508: Issue with yahooIDs for players who have debuted in 2017 fixed.

170310: Ottoneu IDs and positions added.
170228: Lahman IDs added for those players who debuted in 2016.
170228: Changed format of date in 'debut' column.  Couldn't stand not being able to sort chronologically.

161208: Added Retrosheet IDs for players who debuted in 2016

161122: 113 new players added by MLB

160609:  Corrected retrieval of Fangraphs IDs to include players who debut in 2016.

160301: Lahman IDs added for those players who debuted in 2015.

151208: Retrosheet IDs for 2015 added. Lahman IDs will be updated asap (probably January).

151201: Fangraphs minor league IDs added.

150730: I have been asked if I could add DraftKings and FanDuel IDs to the map.  At this time, unfortunately, neither company will permit/facilitate the scripted retrieval of their lists.  I spend more than enough time on this already and 'export to CSV' is not an option.  It's not that I can't -do- this, it just takes too much time to update regularly.

150613:  It's been pointed out that there are players listed whose team appears to be incorrect in that they are currently not with that team.  The team listed for these players is the team that they were last active with.  I retrieve data from single sources wherever possible, and in using the current active rosters I do not follow up on when a player is no longer active.  To fix this, I'd have to retrieve data from individual player pages - which I'm not really interested in as it would mean more traffic to mlb; not that it would make a difference to them, but the principal is important to me.  So, for now, the team for any current active player will be correct (provided his information is correct at mlb).  Players who are not active may seem to have an incorrect team, but it shouldn't matter much - since they aren't active.  I'll see if I can figure out a way to display the team information in a better way, but for now it's probably not going to go away.

150425:  Riff-raff culled from list.  Players who aren't playing this year but haven't officially retired, etc.  For this list, they are clutter and have to go at some point.
150221:  Lahman IDs added.
150209:  Retrosheet IDs fixed. MLB Debut date added.
150208: Files removed temporarily as there's a problem with Retrosheet IDs.  I'll be working to fix it over the next day or two.

150203: Updated.  'closer' and 'cbs_fan' columns removed.  I used them for roto related information, but since I'm not participating in any rotisserie or salary cap games, they are of no interest to me .... notwithstanding the fact that both take far too much time to maintain.  Also, I will not be updating the Davenport IDs: I've forgotten why I included them in the first place, and there are too many headaches associated with trying to maintain/update them.  In fact, unless someone indicates to me that the existing list is of any interest, I'll probably be dropping them as well.

141031: Handedness added
141025: List updated for 2015 and birth_year added


If you use the computer to query names for baseball and/or football data retrieval, you've probably been driven to distraction by the fact that everyone uses their own name and playerID combination.  They also like to use capitals with maddening inconsistency.  Then there are the Dans, Dannys, Daniels, Mikes, Michaels, Toms, Tommys, Thomases, etc.

In the off-season, both Retrosheet and Baseball-Reference include only players who played up to and including the previous season which means that any new players for next season are not going to have an ID on my list.  In the case of B-R, once the regular season starts, new players will appear once they accumulate some stats, and their information will get added.  However, Retrosheet changes happen only when they post the complete season (around the beginning of December).

If you notice any errors, please let me know at: captaincrunch [dot} ctb56 (at) mailnull {dot] com and I'll fix them asap.

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