Side-tracked … again

I’m having some fun looking at batting orders through the years thanks to the data available from Retrosheet … and MySQL queries that I have written to summarize who was in the lineup at the start of a game.

Today I’ve been looking at the 1960 season (the first one with complete pbp data) and I’m trying to determine if the queries are doing what I hope they are doing. I look at the Baltimore information … and there is one player (retroID = bthom105) who appeared in the starting lineup once in the 1960 season. My totals don’t add up quite the way I expected, so I backtrack through the query line-by-line to check … and sure enough everything is OK. But I start to wonder about bthom105 … so I look him up at Retrosheet and it’s Bobby Thomson … THE Bobby Thomson.

So I look him up at Baseball-Reference (his ID there is thomsbo01 but that’s another story) and double-check the game logs and everything is good there … and then I click on the link to read his SABR bio …

All told , it’s an hour later … and I haven’t accomplished much at all … but I sure had a helluva lot of fun doing it.

I’m never going to finish at this rate :-þ

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