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Dedicated to the notion that you can never have too much information.
Or as Sam said to Frodo about the rope: ``Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.``

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These logs are meant to indicate whether or not a pitcher has generated a roto-worthy start.  Roto-worthy to me means how well did he pitch, not did he win the game.  To paraphrase someone (can't remember who): wins are an arbitrary and capricious misrepresentation of a pitcher's effectiveness.  I'm much more interested in how many baserunners he allowed and how many batters he struck out.  These logs look at a pitcher's performance relative to all other starting pitching performances, and are calculated based on the numbers of batters faced, not by innings pitched.  A red start is bad, a green start is good, and a white start is in between.  The idea is to see patterns over any period as to whether or not someone is pitching decently.  These logs also indicate how a pitcher is doing at home versus the road.  However, keep in mind, that when considering splits, it's generally a better idea to weigh the data with the greatest sample size more heavily.  In other words, if someone has a sterling home record over the past few seasons, a couple of bad home starts shouldn't mean he's suddenly become a complete bum at home.  And you need to use some common sense as well: for example, a pitcher may score well using this method, even if he pitched only 1.2 innings before leaving with an injury.

The 'Bad', 'Tolerable', and 'Good' designations are (almost) entirely arbitrary.  Generally, I find that whenever one of my pitchers has a start that falls in the red range, I'm either shaking my head in complete disgust at his abysmal effort, or I'm completely perplexed as to why I put the stiff in my lineup.  If it's in the green range, I can usually get by with an 'oh well, it could have been worse but at least I didn't get Guthrie'd'.  If it's in the blue, I'm out dancing in the streets (when I'm not trying to figure out how to avoid the reds and greens).

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