It's CRUNCH Time!

Dedicated to the notion that you can never have too much information.
Or as Sam said to Frodo about the rope: ``Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.``


Ever try to figure out whether or not someone starts regularly or gets skipped occasionally?  And, maybe you track the pitchers that are on your team at the start of the season, but what happens when you pick up someone new in August?  Unless you track everyone along the way, it can take a long time to piece together.  These links list the actual starting pitcher of ALL games of the 2015 season played to date ... and they are updated daily.

2018  AL 2018  NL

... and if you want to check back for patterns ...

2017  AL 2017  NL

2016  AL 2016  NL

2015  AL 2015  NL

2014  AL 2014  NL

2013  AL 2013  NL

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